About us

Sleekan was created by God's grace. It started from an Idea, that flourished after witnessing numerous occasions where people purchased expensive luxury items, but no one distinguished its prestige and illustriousness. So from there your Sleekan was born :)   

Some interesting facts:

  • Who we are: We are a luxury brand that thrives on delivering prestigeous luxury clothing and accessories 
  • Why we sell our items: For our customers to feel like a total icon, where ever they go we want our customers to feel like Kings and Queens.
  • Where we are located: Sleekan began in a tiny little country known as New Zealand  
  • How long we have been running our online shop: We have been running for quite a while now
  • Who are the people on our team: Our team is made of perfectionists who we truly admire with utmost respect.
  • Contact information: For any sort of information regarding our products or other general inquires please email info@sleekan.com